Getting started

NeoMC is a geopolitical sandbox server with a custom made earth map. This guide will get you started on your adventure. Join by using the IP address Neo-MC.net, join our Discord server and open the server world map in your browser. You can view other towns you want to join or take coordinates of the map to find a place you want to settle. 



The interactive web map can be found at Neo-mc.com/map/. This is a great tool to navigate the map. A head icon with your name and skin marks your location on the server. If you can't find yourself on the map, make sure to check your coordinates in-game and compare them to coordinates displayed on the map. Below the coordinates, you will find a menu where territory borders can be toggled. Move the mouse to the right of the screen to open a larger black menu. Here you can see who is online.


Creating a town

You need 25k to make a town. The best way to earn money is by doing /menu and select 2-3 different jobs. Once you gathered 25k you need to make sure you are standing in the area you want to settle your town . Once you're ready, open the chat and type:

/t new 'name'


Make sure your towny name does not include any special characters. Townies are safe from raiding and looting. Townies can only be raided during war only if they are part of a nation in war. For more information about your town, do:



In order to expand your town one chunk, run the command: 

/t claim
The more players you have in your town, the more you can claim.


This command will let you invite town residents:

/t add 'name'


All towny commands are listed on the official towny website, here. In doubt, run:

/t help 


Townies are automatically deleted after all members in the town leave the server for more than 42 days.



For support please contact a staff member via Discord on our server.


Rules and ban appeals 

There are a few rules which everyone on the servers must follow.

You can read the rules here.

Ban appeals are handled in Discord over at our server, click here to join.

Virus Tutorial
The virus can be caught randomly by any of the online players that do not have any mask in their inventory. When a player catches the virus, the maximum health is reduced, and custom potion effects will randomly get applied while moving. In order to recover yourself from the virus you need to drink a vaxin.

Mask Crafting Recipe


Vaxin Crafting Recipe